How to Create an Email Field in the Advanced Form Builder

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You may want a field in your mobile form that only allows a valid email response. Using a Short Text field you can require an email address (ie: The email entered in this field will automatically be pulled into the Email Recipients list at the end of the form. However, the mobile user can delete this email from the list unless Always email submissions to this address is checked.

Note: At this time, email style fields are only available in the Advanced Form Builder. If you would like to utilize this functionality on a form built in them Builder BETA, roll back to the AFB using the hyperlink at the top of the screen. However, once you leave the Builder BETA for this form you cannot return for this form.

Creating an Email Field

1. Find an existing short text field for an email or add a short text field and select the field to open Field Settings in the left panel.

2. Expand the Style drop down and select Email.

AFB_Short Text_Field Settings_Style_Email.png

3. Save and Publish to see it in action.

Now if the mobile user attempts to enter anything other than a valid email address in the field, an error will popup notifying that a valid email address is required.

Always Email Submissions to this Address

You also have the option to Always email submissions to this address. This will ignore what the admin has configured in the Email Options form setting. Even if the form has it's email options set to either "Cannot email the PDF to anyone" or "Can email the PDF to themselves only," this field will still send the PDF to the email captured in the field. The mobile user can also not see the email listed on the Complete Submission page under Email Submission and therefore will not be able to delete it either.

AFB_Short Text_Field Settings_Always Email.png

Please Note

The size limit for emailing a PDF Submission is 25 MB.

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  • How can I have this email field auto-populate with the original submitter's email address in a workflow so that they are sent a copy of the final submission?

    Currently, only the final submitter is getting a copy of the completed submission.  If I allow a system default value in a short text field, the check box to always email submissions goes away. 

  • Hi Lynn,

    Sorry its taken me so long to respond. What I'd do is have a short text field that's set to default to the username (which will always be an email address). Then, on a subsequent screen, I'd create another short text field styled as email (the user doesn't need to see this field, since it's repetitive) and set that to always email. Make sure that second field has the same name as the first field. Under More in the field settings, find the Receipt Label field and enter MIRROR. This is the backdoor mirror feature, which will copy what's in the first field into the second. That should do it! 

    Let me know if you encounter issue with this setup. Thanks!

  • How come I don’t have an email settings option under settings? I want to auto send a submission but I don’t even have this option.

    I’ve called and filled out help forms with no reponse.

  • Howdy Shorty,

    Good question! To set up auto-email options, you will want to navigate to your Apps page, click the name of your related App, scroll down to the Settings section, and find Email Options to click the Settings button. 

    Here is a link to a related Help Center topic, which also includes details on how to choose sending options for the auto-generated PDF.

    I understand from my colleague in Support that you have an active ticket open with them, and their latest reply was sent yesterday around 5pm EST. I have shared details from your comment with them. Please feel free to respond to their latest reply, and they will be happy to directly troubleshoot this matter with you.