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    Lynn Anderson

    How can I have this email field auto-populate with the original submitter's email address in a workflow so that they are sent a copy of the final submission?

    Currently, only the final submitter is getting a copy of the completed submission.  If I allow a system default value in a short text field, the check box to always email submissions goes away. 

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    Sara Kaplow, Community Manager

    Hi Lynn,

    Sorry its taken me so long to respond. What I'd do is have a short text field that's set to default to the username (which will always be an email address). Then, on a subsequent screen, I'd create another short text field styled as email (the user doesn't need to see this field, since it's repetitive) and set that to always email. Make sure that second field has the same name as the first field. Under More in the field settings, find the Receipt Label field and enter MIRROR. This is the backdoor mirror feature, which will copy what's in the first field into the second. That should do it! 

    Let me know if you encounter issue with this setup. Thanks!

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