How to Make a Drop Down Field Editable for Mobile Users in the Advanced Form Builder

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The Drop Down field in the Advanced Form Builder is a very versatile field type that allows form builders to provide a list of acceptable responses within a form. However, some use cases may require users to provide responses that are not already available in the drop down list. Therefore, drop down fields have two styles to account for rigidity and flexibility: Not Editable and Editable. 

Making a Drop Down Field Editable

To give your users the ability to add their own value to a drop down list, the Style must be changed.

1. Create a new form or edit an existing form from the Forms page.

2. Add a Drop Down field to your form and select the field to open the Field Settings in the left panel. Or select an existing field.

3. Select Editable in the Style drop down menu, located under Field Type and above Choices.


4. Save and Publish to device.

Using an Editable Drop Down Field

Once you have the field set up in the form builder, using it is easy.

1. Open up the GoCanvas application on your mobile device.

2. Select the drop down field.

3. Tap the + button at the top of the screen.


4. Type in the new value you would like.

5. Hit Apply.


Note: Adding a value to an editable drop down only applies to the current submission. It will not show up as an option for other users or on future submissions unless added manually to the choices or reference data.

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  • How can I pick more that 1 value from a drop down field without having to use a loop screen? I know this is an option with a multiple choice field, but I need more than 15 options and I need to be able to use reference data.