How to add signature capture to your Form

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With GoCanvas you can quickly and easily capture signatures on your mobile device. Once captured, the signature is uploaded to our servers and will be visible when viewing your submission in your browser or in the PDF. In addition, the signatures can also be downloaded via our Webservices API.

Add signature capture to your Mobile Form

To add signature capture, go to the Forms page and launch the Form Builder for your existing form, or click Create New if your form has not already been created.

Click to open the field palette and drag a Signature field into your form.


Signature capture on mobile

If a signature has not been captured, you will see that the signature capture box reads "Capture Signature."

Clicking the field will automatically rotate your device to landscape in order to provide a larger signature area. Note: iPad Air 2's and iPad Pros (running iOS 11) will not automatically rotate. If the user rotates the device before opening the field, it will be in landscape. If not, signature will remain in portrait.


Once the signature is captured, the field will read "Signature Captured." You can press the magnifying glass to preview the signature.

Finger vs. Stylus

On many devices, you can sign with either your finger or a stylus. A signature initiated with a finger is completely acceptable, but for those who would like a stylus to offer their clients to sign we recommend this one.

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