Can I create a table in the Legacy Builder?

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Loop Screens are equivalent to tables that can be filled out for as many rows as necessary for a submission.

Loop Screens

Loops will allow you to repeat a set of fields as many times as you need to — just like you adding another line item to a table. You can then use the PDF Designer to customize how your table looks on your PDF reports.

Paper Form_Table or Loop Screen Example.png

Looking at the table above, loops will let you add as many Item #s, Descriptions, Qty, and Last Date Updated as there are in your Inventory.

Labels Above

Labels above displays the Key Field on the first screen and once a new row is added, the user will first be asked to add the key field of a line item before entering a separate screen to add the details of that line item. 


Grid and Grid (pre-populated)

Our Grid and Grid (pre-populated) styles for Loop screens will give you the table look on your mobile device. 

Grid Grid (pre-populated)
Add a new row and add or edit data on an internal screen. If you need to edit data, tap the cell to bring up an edit modal.                                          iOS_Loop Screen_Grid.png

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  • Is it possible to modify the grid column width, auto adjust the column width or even hide a column?

  • These examples show a grid being the only entity on a screen, but I would like to have other non-looping edit boxes on the same screen. Is this possible?

  • Hi Mark Hiscocks, currently you can only have the loop form the grid; you cannot place other fields on the loop screen. There is a feature request for adding static text to a loop screen, but if you'd like more flexibility than that, I'd encourage you to create a new one and give us some details of what you're trying to do. Thanks!

  • I have this table built in the app and showing correctly on the PDF output.



    What I would like to add is a SUMMARY page that would show the same headings for only the rows that would have a YES in a ANY column. This is how the app viewer shows the layout of the app. We loop the units and all the data to show in the grid.

    I am at a loss as to how to add a NEW SUMMARY page that only shows the entire row if any column has a YES.

    If I have to recreate the form to get the correct results, just point me in the right direction and I will create a new one.


  • Hi Kevin Leger, Could you find how to add the summary page? I was thinking about adding a mirror field and having it appear with a field condition option depending on the answer. If you did resolve the issue, Would you say I was pointing in the right direction with my answer?

    Thank you,

  • I was able to figure it out, I had to delete the table, re-add and then remove the columns I did not need on the report. No way to just add the missing columns.


    Thanks for the reply