Can I create a table in the Legacy Builder?

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Our Loop functionality allows you to use the tables that you have in your paper forms on your mobile device.

Loop Screens

Loops will allow you to repeat a set of fields as many times as you need to — just like you adding another line item to a table. You can then use the PDF Designer to customize how your table looks on your PDF reports.

Looking at the table above, our Loop feature will let you add as many Item #s, Descriptions, Qty, and Last Date Updated as there are in your Inventory.

Labels Above


Grid and Grid (pre-populated)

Our Grid and Grid (pre-populated) styles for Loop screens will give you the table look on your mobile device. 

Grid Grid (pre-populated)

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  • Is it possible to modify the grid column width, auto adjust the column width or even hide a column?

  • These examples show a grid being the only entity on a screen, but I would like to have other non-looping edit boxes on the same screen. Is this possible?

  • Hi Mark Hiscocks, currently you can only have the loop form the grid; you cannot place other fields on the loop screen. There is a feature request for adding static text to a loop screen, but if you'd like more flexibility than that, I'd encourage you to create a new one and give us some details of what you're trying to do. Thanks!

  • I have this table built in the app and showing correctly on the PDF output.



    What I would like to add is a SUMMARY page that would show the same headings for only the rows that would have a YES in a ANY column. This is how the app viewer shows the layout of the app. We loop the units and all the data to show in the grid.

    I am at a loss as to how to add a NEW SUMMARY page that only shows the entire row if any column has a YES.

    If I have to recreate the form to get the correct results, just point me in the right direction and I will create a new one.


  • Hi Kevin Leger, Could you find how to add the summary page? I was thinking about adding a mirror field and having it appear with a field condition option depending on the answer. If you did resolve the issue, Would you say I was pointing in the right direction with my answer?

    Thank you,

  • I was able to figure it out, I had to delete the table, re-add and then remove the columns I did not need on the report. No way to just add the missing columns.


    Thanks for the reply