How to Calculate Time in the Advanced Form Builder

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Using GoCanvas forms to automate simple tasks, like calculating the total time on a project, can not only save time in the field but also allow your business to make data driven decisions to identify bottlenecks and improve processes. 

Note: At this time, calculating time is only available in the Advanced Form Builder. If you would like to utilize this functionality on a form built in them Builder BETA, roll back to the AFB using the hyperlink at the top of the screen. However, once you leave the Builder BETA for this form you cannot return for this form.

Using Time Fields in Calculations

To create a Total Time calculation, follow these steps:

1. Edit an existing form or Create New.

2. Click to add a Time field or drag and drop it into your form and label it "Start Time."

Note: By default the style on time fields is AM/PM. You can change the format by clicking on the Style drop down from the Field Settings.

AFB_Time_Field Settings_Style.png

3. Add another Time field to the form and label it "End Time."

4. Add a Calculation field to the form and give it a descriptive label like "Total Project Time" or "Time Spent Onsite."

5. Select the field to open Field Settings and select Create Calculation to open the modal.

AFB_Calculation_Field Settings_Create Calculation.png

a. Expand the first drop down and select "End Time."

b. Hover over the function and select Subtract.

c. Expand the second drop down and select "Start Time."

AFB_Calculation_Create Calculation_End Time - Start Time.png

6. Toggle to Format to change the format of the calculation from the default Number to one of the time formats: HH:MM, HH:MM:SS, or MM:SS. Select Done to close the modal.


5. Save and Publish to see it in action.

Example of Calculation Styles for Time

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