How to Add a Link to a Website in Your Form in Builder BETA

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In the process of filling out a form, a user may need quick access to a website or online reference. Below are the steps for adding and configuring a Link field.

Add a Link Field

1. Launch the Builder BETA for a new form or edit an existing form.

2. Click Add Field, type Link where it says "Type field name," and hit Enter to add a Link field type to your form.

3. Click the Settings gear associated with the link field to launch the Settings modal.

4. Set the Default URL to the site you want the mobile user to be able to launch. 

5. Select the Style, either Button or Link, for how the field will appear in the form. If you leave it as a button, you can edit the Button Label to display text other than the default "Tap here..."

6. Save and Publish your form to see the field in action.


Styles on Mobile

This is what the Button style looks like on mobile:


This is what the Link style looks like on mobile:



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